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Ruben Ermakov
Ruben Ermakov

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The next photos showed the girl lying on a cheap bedspread, a hotel bedspread. She was laughing with her arm slung over her eyes. Then she was on the same bed, but her shirt was off, and she was smiling coyly at the camera. She was wearing the same bra that Kate wore, but her breasts actually filled it. She was pulling down her sweatpants to reveal the edge of the thong underwear. Her eyes looked nervous, but she was smiling a loose-lipped laugh. There was a different boy in this picture, standing at the sidelines, sipping on a Red Bull.

My criteria:-makes you think (includes some form of puzzle-solving or lateral thinking)-not a gratuitous amount of cut-scenes, preferably none. I want a game, not a playable movie. For reference, I stopped playing The Last of Us about half an hour in because of the constant banal interruptions to play.-combat, army building, military strategy themes are a plus but not essential-RPGs with stat-building, character development and skill/trait customisation a strong plus 041b061a72


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