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In 1945, when Breslau was annexed by Poland, the brewery took on the name Piast Brewery, honoring the Piast dynasty, the legendary first Polish historical Royal dynasty that ruled the country from its beginnings until 1370. The name was not changed till 2005. Right after World War II, the production process was run by Polish brewmasters from the brewery of Lwów, who had been ordered to leave their native city and move to the Recovered Territories. In 1951, Piast Brewery produced 350 000 hectolitres of beer and 9 000 tons of malt annually.

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In 1991, the brewery became part of Wrocław's company Zakłady Piwowarskie S.A., and on January 23, 1996, it was purchased for $9 500 000 by Ryszard Varisella. In November 2001, it was bought by Carlsberg Polska, and in 2004, brewing of beer was terminated.

This popular cold cut is named after the "Zywiec" region in southern Poland, which is also the namesake of the famous Polish beer. Similar to the Dried Krakow Sausage, it is made from lean cuts of pork coarse-ground and flavored with salt, pepper, and garlic. Stuffed in a long round 2.5" wide fibrous casing, then dried and smoked over a hardwood fire. Perfect for sandwiches, stews, as a meat topping, or with a glass of beer! Whole is 23" long and approximately 3 lbs.

Piast Wrocławski is a golden beer with a mild flavor and a rich hop bouquet. For years associated with the region and highly valued by its inhabitants. Piast Wrocławski is a multiple winner of many prestigious awards at beer competitions in Poland and abroad, e.g. Consumer Laurel 2008 and a gold medal in the Monde Selection competition in Brussels in 2010.History:Piast is a regional beer from Lower Silesia brewed in two variants: Piast Wrocławski associated with the region and Piast Mocny with an intense taste and amber color, the quintessence of strength and character of Lower Silesia.

A fresh butcher-cut hind pork shank is marinated in our custom brine and boiled. Then it is drenched with authentic imported Żywiec beer from Poland, sprinkled with paprika and other spices, and gently roasted until perfection.

Browary Wrocławskie is the revitalized area of the former Piast Brewery under the supervision of a monument conservator. The names of the buildings are attractive and refer to the production processes carried out in this place. 4 buildings are entered in the register of monuments: Leżakownia, Butelkownia, Stara Stajnia and a historic gate, while the entire estate consists of as many as fourteen buildings - revitalized parts, in which we will find loft apartments and other newly built, modern apartment buildings. Depending on individual preferences, the investment will meet both the expectations of people looking for peace and those who like living in the center of events. The apartments in Browary Wrocławskie are characterized by a well-thought-out layout and various sizes. The facility is based on history, but is created in the spirit of modernity. The preserved and restored old façade and high-rise apartments up to 2,90 m give the investment a unique loft atmosphere, creating the possibility of original interior design. In addition to residential premises with balconies and terraces, the estate offers a variety of commercial and service premises, a supermarket, gastronomy with beer gardens, which puts the investment on the list of mixed-used projects, enjoying growing popularity among investors. Chillout room is a response to the needs of neighborhood integration - a meeting place conducive to posing and carrying out joint projects, close to home, and yet outside its privacy. 041b061a72

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