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[S9E11] How To Marry A Stripper

Shaeeda is doubtful about her future with Bilal due to the prenup, and Bilal's sister says that she hopes that Shaeeda is not marrying him "for just what he has." Despite believing that Bilal was the one, Shaeeda is "not sure anymore" and is "prepared to walkway" on their wedding day.

[S9E11] How to Marry a Stripper

Bilal's sister and Shaeeda have different wedding dress visions. Thais is torn between marrying Patrick and going home. Jibri hopes his parents will show up. Doubts overwhelm Emily before the wedding. Yve's friend offers one more out.

Emily and Kobe reveal their pregnancy. Patrick is desperate for Thaís' dad to bless the marriage. Miona's wedding day vision isn't coming together. The wedding officiant asks Shaeeda and Bilal three times if they're sure they want to marry.

We stay in the Gallagher house as Fiona agrees to switch rooms with Debbie so that Franny can have her own bed. Staring at the small, toy-filled room that she will soon move to, Fiona is far from excited about the idea. Then, as Carl is headed off to work, she says how sorry she is that he didn't get accepted to West Point. He argues that he's stupid for ever thinking they'd accept someone like him. Meanwhile downstairs, Debbie is changing Frank's bandages and getting the opposite of a thanks for it. Frank asks about Kelly, a.k.a. "that G.I. Jane chick," suggesting that she probably is gay ("Softball, really?') and Debbie just wasn't tempting or smart enough. He adds in an extra dig by saying Fiona could have got it done with her "stripper-on-a-bender dangerous looks." Debbie then calls the MIA Liam, leaving an angry voicemail since he's the one who was supposed to be on Frank duty.

While attempting to spice up her sex life on her anniversary, Sheila fell off a stripper pole onto her husband. She was left with only a bruised tailbone, but he had crush injuries, including a ruptured diaphragm, and had to be taken into surgery to fix them. After his surgery, she was discharged and told that he would be unable to drive or have sex for at least a month.

Bailey: His wife was on a stripper pole and fell on him while trying to execute a move called a sexy flexy. His physical exam indicates possible internal injuries. So why don't you get Mr. Olsen's past medical history while I order a scan? 041b061a72

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