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The Ultimate Guide to Angels and Demons Subtitles English 720p

the english 5.1 dts-hd track should be appealing to any fan of the movie's decent score. the track features a tight integration of the different channels, with a lively performance from the surround and surround backspeakers as well as the rear surrounds, a lively performance from the center and a bright main channel to help bring everything up front. at times, the track gets a little too loud, but all of the audio is clean and doesn't get into annoying distortion, and the mix is tight and clean throughout.

Angels And Demons Subtitles English 720p

like the audio, the english subtitle track also delivers quality results. there are no sync issues, and it's a clean and easy to follow translation that really doesn't interfere with the movie's flow. the only minor annoyance was a line of german subtitles on a screen labeled english during the scuffle between langdon and farisi.

'angels & demons' comes with more extras than you can shake a da vinci code-shaped mallet at. the package includes a 1080p blu-ray with a digital copy and the option for watching the movie on two tvs using an online simulcast subscription. the disc itself is spotlessly clean, and all of the movie's supplements look good. there are two chapters of commentary by director paul greengrass and writer/producer david koepp.

the special features include an all-new 'angels and demons: from script to screen' featurette about the making of the film, a commentary from director ron howard, director of photography, and visual effects supervisor; 'a better than fěnger ă cuff' featurette that looks at two of the film's amazingly skilled animal extras (an orangutan and a killer whale, by the way) in their actual roles; and a 'bloopers' reel that features the film's digital effects team pulling out a number of spectacular stunts and missteps on set.

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