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PULCINO PIO - El Pollito Pio (Official Video)

The station followed up with "Il pulcino Pio," featuring Morgana Giovannetti, during their Morning Show, based on a Brazilian tune. In similar fashion to "Old MacDonald Had a Farm," "Il pulcino Pio" features sounds of a hen, a rooster, a turkey, a pigeon, a cat, a dog, a goat, a lamb, a cow and a bull. However, in the Portuguese version, a deer is included, and the pigeon is replaced with a guinea fowl. The song culminates with a tractor hitting and running over the chirping chick.

PULCINO PIO - El Pollito Pio (Official video)

Play a Mini-Game! - El Pollito PioLinkYouTube Upload dateaugust 6, 2018Length1:55ChronologyPreviousNextChapter 1 - Harry Potter and the CHIPber of SLABcretsHill Top Zone (Masa's Demo Version) - Sonic The Hedgehog 2DescriptionMusic: Play a Mini-Game!Composer: Yasunori Mitsuda & Pulcino PioPlatform: el telefono de tu mamaSuscribirse a #pulcinopiotv: Contacts LICENSING - BOOKING - Sigue el increible exito del sencillo "Il Pulcino Pio", "el pollito" mas famoso del web en el mundo que se lanza rumbo a la conquista del mundo. Lanzado por la radio romana "Radio Globo", Pulcino Pio, producido por Bruno Benvenuti y Max Moroldo, es traducido ahora en aproximadamente 20 idiomas diferentes, incluido el español: "EL POLLITO PIO". Sigue el canal oficial del Pollito Pio para descubrir todas las noticias que a el se refieren!"Play a Mini-Game! - El Pollito Pio" is a high quality rip of "Play a Mini-Game!" from El Pollito Pio.

"Il pulcino Pio" is an Italian language adaptation of the Brazilian song "O Pintinho" alternatively titled "O Pintinho Piu" by author and composer Erisvaldo Da Silva who composed the song in 1985. It was first interpreted by "Trio Nortista" in Brazil. The song, whose rights were acquired by Globo Records S.r.l. was produced by Bruno Benvenuti (C.E.O. of Globo Records) and Max Moroldo (President of Do it yourself) and was translated to Italian by Bruno Benvenuti, Luca Scarpa, Alessandro Tirocchi, Maurizio Paniconi and Morgana Giovannetti.

The Rome station Radio Globo had scored a big hit by producing and airing its own version of "Mr. Saxobeat" in 2011 with the station hosts and staff featuring Maurizio Paniconi, Alessandro Tirocchi and Morgana Giovannetti and produced by Luca Scarpa. Named "Radio Globo Morning Show - Mr. Saxobeat Ostia Beach version") , the Radio Globo Italian version. The station followed the trend a year later by launching "Il pulcino Pio" featuring Morgana Giovannetti during their Morning Show based on a Brazilian tune using seemingly "Pulcino Pio" (literally a chicken that chirps).

In similar fashion to "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" where various animals are used, "Il pulcino Pio" uses sounds of a hen, a rooster, a turkey, a pigeon, a cat, a dog, a goat, a sheep, a cow and a bull. The song culminates with a tractor hitting the "vocal" chirping chick, running it over.

The 1939/40 Greek version has no attribution of lyrics and attributes music adaptation (rather than composition) to Joseph Korinthios. This suggests that even that version is likely not original, but was probably based on some existing popular tune/song in Greece, Italy, or some other part of the world. Lyrics and music are extremely similar to those of the modern versions, such as "O Pintinho" and "Il pulcino Pio" (although not identical: the old Greek version has a pig and a donkey, but not a goat, cow, or bull, and lacks the tractor part at the end). In any case, it is fairly certain that any claims of contemporary artists, such as Erisvaldo Da Silva, that this constitutes an original song of theirs are false and amount to plagiarism. 041b061a72

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